Called To Reign

Leif Hetland

You were created for many wonderful fulfilling purposes and experiences—to know the Father, to know who you are in Him, to receive an inheritance from Him, and to rule and reign in this life with Him. Many Christians are running hard—working to become somebody, striving to have what has been promised, hoping to find their calling and realize their destiny, only to find themselves in a never-ending cycle of restlessness. When you live in the resting place of God, and become a resting place for God, everything changes.
It is your privilege as sons and daughters of God to know your identity, experience His intimacy, receive His inheritance, and walk out your destiny to reign in life with Him.
God longs for you to experience everything He has for you; to see the world through the eyes of His Son, Jesus. With Son-glasses on, you will see and live in a way that refreshes, restores, and brings life, as you partner with Papa God. When sons and daughters arise in the church, the world will begin to see the true nature of the Father and His family—a family that sees promises, not problems; a family that reigns with Him!
Leif Hetland uses his well-known illustration of the three chairs to explore four pillars of this resting place, addressing these crucial questions: 
Identity: Who are you?
Intimacy: Where are you?
Inheritance: What do you have?
Destiny: What are you called to do?
The key to fulfilling your destiny is realizing the answers to each of these questions—in the order God designed for us. God is inviting you into the fullness and abundance that empowers you to do what you were called to do—to reign with Him! Don’t wait – receive His invitation today.
Don’t wait – receive God’s invitation today into the fullness and abundance that empowers you to do what you were called to do – to reign with Him!  

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