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Leif Hetland

Reign From Identity

Reign From Identity

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In Reign From Identity, Leif Hetland introduces the concept of the Three Chairs and invites readers to learn how to stay in Chair 1, living from heaven to earth with all the benefits of a beloved child of God. Chair 1 living begins with an understanding of your identity--who you are as a result of the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

When you understand your God-given identity and receive His baptism of love, your life shifts from self-centered living to love-centered living that changes you and the world around you. 

God is inviting you to reign with Him from a place of true identity as a much-loved member of His family. Are you ready to begin the journey?

*Reign From Identity is the first booklet in the four-part Called to Reign Study Series. It is designed to accompany Leif Hetland's book Called to Reign as a guide for personal and small group study. 

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