Upgrade in Love USB

Global Mission Awareness

Upgrade in Love USB

During this 12-part video teaching series, you’ll hear from Leif and several modern leaders, including Heidi Baker, Shawn Bolz & David Wagner, as they share & impart what it means to cultivate a lifestyle of genuine, powerful & world-changing love!

Learn how to develop a lifestyle of receiving, becoming and releasing a love that will influence the world around you!

Sessions included:

  • Welcome Home
  • Encountering Love
  • Language of Love
  • World-changer Interview: Heidi Baker
  • Baptism of Love
  • Loving Yourself
  • See, Think, Feel, Say
  • World-changer interview: David Wagner
  • Compelled by Love
  • Wholehearted Living
  • World-changer Interview: Shawn Bolz
  • Ambassador of Love

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