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Bundle: The Love Awakening + Called to Reign + Healing the Orphan Spirit

Bundle: The Love Awakening + Called to Reign + Healing the Orphan Spirit

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Bundle includes The Love Awakening, Called to Reign, and Healing the Orphan Spirit by Leif Hetland.

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You were created to love and be loved supernaturally, not as a concept or theology, but as a living experience―the very love of God, visibly manifested through you. This is the key to fulfilling your divine destiny!

Leif equips you to carry the same anointing into your everyday life. In The Love Awakening, you will…

  • Discover the heart of Father God as the standard for true love.
  • Receive supernatural transformation as you embrace your identity as a loved child of God.
  • Become a world-changer by immersing your sphere of influence in the tangible love of God that flows out of you.
  • Sustain a supernatural lifestyle of being saturated in the tangible, experiential love of Father God.

Your privilege as a believer is the ability to release the supernatural love of Father God in every sphere of influence. Learn to walk in the Baptism of Love and release the Kingdom of God on Earth!


God longs for you to experience everything He has for you; to see the world through the eyes of His Son, Jesus. With Son-glasses on, you will see and live in a way that refreshes, restores, and brings life, as you partner with Papa God. When sons and daughters arise in the church, the world will begin to see the true nature of the Father and His family—a family that sees promises, not problems; a family that reigns with Him!

God is inviting you into the fullness and abundance that empowers you to do what you were called to do—to reign with Him! Don’t wait – receive His invitation today.


n Healing The Orphan Spirit, Leif Hetland explores a central aspect at the root of much of the chaos and division in the world today-- the orphan spirit. Father God is waiting for His beloved sons and daughters to understand who they are and whose they are so that all might live in the fullness of our true identity as co-heirs of God's kingdom. From the depths of personal experience and a deep knowledge of Scripture, Leif brings clarity to God's spirit of adoption with answers to questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be "adopted" by Father God?
  • How is Jesus a perfect example of a son who knows his true identity?
  • How does one experience the true nature and heart of God so as to live as a beloved son or daughter?

Leif's profound teaching and powerful personal testimonies bring to light what it means to live from the place of your God-given identity and enjoy the life of freedom that every heart longs for.  

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