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Global Mission Awareness

Convergence 2018 | Brisbane, Australia

Convergence 2018 | Brisbane, Australia

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The convergence of power, love and wisdom as a lifestyle enables us to influence the world.  This event series lays a biblical foundation for operating in power, love and wisdom to empower people with an upgrade in a convergent lifestyle.

Featuring teaching from international guest speakers Leif Hetland, David Wagner,  Paul Yadao & Ahlmira Yadao, this resources includes the following audio sessions recorded at Riverlife Baptist Church, Brisbane, Australia in 2018. 

  • Session 1 - Leif Hetland
  • Session 2 - David Wagner 
  • Session 3 - David Wagner
  • Session 4 - Leif Hetland
  • Session 5 - Paul Yadao
  • Session 6 - Ahlmira Yadao
  • Session 7 - David Wagner
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