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Leif Hetland

Reign From Intimacy

Reign From Intimacy

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In Reign From Intimacy, Leif Hetland unpacks his teaching on intimacy with God the Father. Readers are invited into Papa's living room -- the place of His presence, where we can encounter His unconditional love. 

It is important to know God intimately, to have a relationship where you can have face-to-face encounters with Him, hear his voice, see His face, feel His love, experience His presence, and live in His pleasure. Knowing your identity is paramount to kingdom living -- Jesus builds His church and gives the keys of the kingdom to those who know who they are.

From this place of rest, your striving ceases as you allow God to have His way in every situation in life. Are you ready to enter Papa's living room?

*Reign From Intimacy is the second booklet in the four-part Called To Reign Study Series. It is designed to accompany Leif Hetland's book Called To Reign as a guide for individual and small group study. 

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