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Leif Hetland

The Ultimate Transformation Training Manual

The Ultimate Transformation Training Manual

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The Ultimate Transformation Training Manual will take the reader on a journey of encountering and experiencing a good God, leading to ultimate life transformation. 

The purposes of God are unchanging. He is intentional in seeing the whole Earth filled with His glory. He is passionate in seeing a generation who would host His Presence, be saturated with His Love, and demonstrate the power and superiority of His Kingdom by destroying the works of darkness and setting free the captives. He desires to invade this world with His supernatural Kingdom, and to bring Heaven to Earth in every nation, tongue, and tribe. God wants to work with us and through us for He believes in us and loves us dearly as the Eternal Father. There is nothing that can compare to the joy of the Father seeing His sons and daughters step into their destiny of bringing His Heaven to Earth.

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